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Welcome to FlipCraft!

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Our IP is
     Bored with your everyday server, with conquered dungeons, boring maps, laggy connection, or just no fun?  FlipCraft is your solution! FlipCraft is an amazing survival adventure that is enhanced to a new level!  We all work together, and are administrated by a group of kids 10-17 that also have parent supervision. We are an amazing server that allows PVP, griefing and theft.

     We run off three things, our owners pocket money, creative renting, and rank purchasing.  All these things keep our server alive and running.  We encourage you to donate and get a super cool rank with commands that are better then the average server.  You can easily purchase something at the Purchasing page, where you can buy ranks or rent creative.  All your money will be put to the server, and will work on improving our hosting planned, and if we get enough money daily we will expand our server making it more efficient and better.  So come on and play, add us as FlipCraft and put in our IP as

How to get Member rank

   Achieving member rank is simple, all you have to do are a few steps...

1) Look to your left, there it says Log in or register.  You can log in with your Facebook or you can register with our site.

2) Fill in the information (Put in an email you can easily access).

3) Vertify your email.

4) Tell a high rank ( H-Admin or up).

5) If you haven't been promoted in the next 5 hours then complain through Email, or Skype or confront MRWOFFLE or Flipsk88ter through Minecraft.

6) Just wait until your a member, if you believe that you have signed up and they are saying you haven't, check to see if you verified your email, or try verifying it again.

After doing these few steps we can almost guarantee that you will be Member...